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Dear Clients and Prospective Clients:

Thank you for allowing me to handle legal matters for you and for your considering me to handle future
legal matters. I am now retired from the practice of law.

If you have a question about some matter that I handled for you, please call me and leave a message.

If you have a new real estate closing, refinance, or real estate question, or need legal help with a Will or probate, please contact
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Stephen M. Bingman

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Real Estate:

 "What does a lawyer do when I buy or sell my home?"

 "Why do I need a "title search" when I buy land or a home?"

 "What is "title insurance" and do I need it when I buy a home and land?"

Last Will And Testament:

 "Do I really need a Last Will And Testament?"

 "What is a "Living Will"?"

Small Business:

 "Should I incorporate my business?"

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